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Sync iCloud Music to iPhone with Ease

sync music to iphoneAs it announced by Apple, iCloud can be expected to store your music files. The iCloud sync feature gives you a wide array of music for their iPhones, iPads and Wi-Fi capable iPods. You have no need to connect your devices to your computer for transfer songs anymore, you just need make sure your Wi-Fi network is available so as to sync iCloud music to iPhone easily.

How to Sync iCloud Music to iPhone?

Before sync music from iCloud to iPhone, you should make sure that you iPhone is iOS 5.0, capable to Wi-Fi or 3G, and the iTunes is the version of iTunes 10.3.

Step 1: After configuring your iOS 5.0 devices for iCloud, go to Settings > iCloud to select the type of content you want automatically downloaded. Here you need to click on the iTunes icon and select the Updates tab. Then you will see a Purchased tab area, just click to enter the Purchased music section.

Step 2: Choose the music files you want to sync to your iPhone, and click on the small cloud icon to download the music.

Step 3: There will be a window popping out which asks you to enter your Apple ID and password. If you have an Apple ID, login it directly, or you need to register an Apple ID. Once you entered the Apple ID and password, it will automatically sync photos from iCloud to iPad.

That's all to sync iCloud music to iPhone. As you can see, it is so easy to transfer iCloud music to iPhone that you can get the music on your iPhone within three simple steps.

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